“Start Earning With Professionals” is a call from the broker Globalaurus to start trading CFDs with leverage. It is a company with headquarters in London, but there is no confirmation of this. The official website mentions protection of client funds up to 1 million euros – interesting, where does such insurance come from? Unfortunately, no details are provided. Licenses are not listed, nor is the business model. The same can be said about the foundation date. Reviews on the internet are not that common, but positive ones outweigh the negative. This looks quite strange.

How to Trade

Globalaurus clients are offered CFDs on stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, metals, indices, and currency pairs with leverage up to 1:400, and for those with VIP status, 1:500. Such leverage size signals a lack of license from regulators.

Spreads start from 0.5 points on EUR/USD, and commissions are $7. Meanwhile, VIP owners, as stated on the site, have a double advantage on commissions – $3.5. Globalaurus offers five types of accounts:

  1. Savings. The minimum deposit size is not specified.
  2. Bronze. From $10,000.
  3. Silver. Minimum deposit $25,000.
  4. Gold. Not less than $50,000.
  5. Premium. From $100,000 and more.

The higher the account type, the more services Globalaurus provides: personal account manager, risk-free trades, alerts, trading sessions, and others.

Globalaurus Vital Info

The broker behaves as secretly and non-transparently as possible. For example, the exact foundation date is not mentioned. Although the site claims that for 40 years the organization has been investing in high technologies, it seems to us that this is just a made-up number. What does this imply? Brokerage services or some investments in stocks or other assets? Yet, we see that the domain of the official website was registered only on December 8, 2023. So, Globalaurus has been operating very recently.

Along with the contact information, the broker lists an address for the headquarters in the United Kingdom. However, the company is not found on the FCA register. The same situation with Companies House, where a search by the name Globalaurus showed nothing.

Any broker operating in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom is required to obtain a license from the FCA. If there is no such regulation, it means the firm is providing brokerage services illegally.


What are the key facts about Globalaurus?

First and foremost, it must be said that the company is maximally opaque, providing few facts about its activities. The exact foundation date is not mentioned, but from the fresh domain, it's easy to understand that the platform was launched recently. Licenses are not mentioned, and the firm is not found in the registry of the British regulator. Moreover, the address in the United Kingdom is also fake, as there is no such organization in the registry of legal entities. What business model? Unknown, but likely it's a dealing desk. Where does the broker get insurance up to 1 million euros? Also a fabricated fact.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Besides the high risk of losing money due to the use of leverage, remember a more serious point. Globalaurus operates illegally and provides fake information about itself. This indicates fraudulent activity, so the withdrawal of funds here is unlikely to be available. So, the main risk is the impossibility of withdrawing the deposit.

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