The platform owners position their project as an innovative broker. In addition, the company claims to have earned several awards in asset trading. It is worth noting that the firm’s employees are ready to share their many years of experience in Forex and provide traders with all the information necessary for successful earnings. Is it safe and profitable for you to trade here? In the review of Global Prime Treasury PTE LTD, we will conclude the capabilities of this broker.

How to Trade

The company provides services to traders in almost all countries of the world. Clients will find the following offers at

  • Seven types of trading plans with minimum deposits ranging from £100 to £1 million.
  • Guaranteed monthly return on investment of up to 18%.
  • Participation in an affiliate program where an individual or company can earn money from referrals.

The trading platform is available without installing additional programs.

You cannot send cash payments directly to the broker’s bank account. Funds can only be transferred electronically from your account.

Additional services include news reviews and educational services such as regular training webinars. Technical support is ready to respond via the feedback form.

Global Prime Treasury PTE LTD Vital Info

The creators of the resource provided the address of the company’s headquarters, which is located in Singapore. It is worth noting that the earliest date in the history of the project in the “Awards” section of the site is 2017. In addition, the organization cooperates with such reputable payment services as the pan-European SEPA project, Mastercard, and American Visa, operating in more than 200 states.

We checked the register of legal entities in Singapore and found Global Prime Treasury PTE LTD there. This financial company is indeed registered at the address listed on the website. Accordingly, the broker can be regulated and licensed in this country. Unfortunately, we could not confirm this information with the Financial Commission, since it is not published in public sources.


What are the key facts about Global Prime Treasury PTE LTD?

The company is registered in Singapore and its headquarters is located at the address indicated on the website. It has earned several awards since 2017, including the award for innovative trading platform and best customer service. We did not find any litigation or lawsuits against the broker.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Please note that there is no guarantee that you will make huge profits when trading CFDs. You will find a warning about the risk of loss in the footer of the official website of this firm. We recommend you to invest in this project only the amount you can lose without much regret.

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