The project offers customers “valuable information” for trading that will improve their wealth. The site owner also claims the platform is owned by 4SQUARE (CY) LTD, a company registered in Cyprus and regulated in Seychelles. However, this is not supported by documents. In addition, there is no information about the founders and the project’s history on the separate “About Us” tab.

Can you make money on this platform, is it reliable? Our FXRoad review will show you whether it is safe or not to cooperate with this broker.

How to Trade

Traders have access to more than 350 assets, including cryptocurrencies. You can trade on the Webtrader platform and chart on TradingView. The brokerage firm offers:

  • The traditional tariff of 3 options.
  • Islamic trading plan.
  • Virtual account type for simulated trading.

Spreads start at 3.2 pips on a standard account with a minimum deposit of $250. The rules provide for rewarding users with bonuses.

The Company considers any chargebacks made without first resolving the deposit issue to be fraudulent. The client’s account will be blocked in this case.

The broker provides educational resources and personalized 24/5 customer support. The 4 social media icons allow you to quickly navigate to the company’s accounts on FB, LinkedIn, etc.

FXRoad Vital Info

The organization does not disclose on its official website the start date of the project and the names of the founders. This seemed strange to us, as the domain was registered back in 2011. However, the site remained inactive until its name was updated in September 2023. Is it possible that the firm acquired the domain right then and the project started in 2023?

We have checked the registration details of the company that allegedly owns this site. Note that 4SQUARE LTD does have registration in both Cyprus and Seychelles. Meanwhile, is listed in the FSA register as the official site of this broker, and is not mentioned. Is the hero of our review hiding behind the documents of an unauthorized organization to which it actually has nothing to do?


What are the key facts about FXRoad?

The intermediary does not provide any facts about the history of the project and its start date. The information about the legal address in Cyprus and the name of the website does not correspond to 4SQUARE LTD, which allegedly owns the platform. The existence of a license is questionable, since the FSA registry lists a different domain for this company.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Probably, the site is not operated by a registered and licensed company, and its owner only uses data of another brokerage organization. Besides, here clients are not allowed to use chargeback if they cannot withdraw their money from the account. Therefore, you risk losing 100% of your money by investing it in trading with this intermediary.

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