The website is operated by VHNX Ltd, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It should be noted that the company claims to have been working “for many years” with investments in financial markets and therefore “has the right understanding of traders’ needs”. However, the intermediary does not disclose the specific period of operation and availability of licenses.

Is it safe for you to trade here? In our review, we will check the legal aspects of FxRevenues and find out whether the broker provides access to a reliable trading platform or not.

How to Trade

The firm offers clients to work on its platform with over 1,500 trading instruments. In addition, a robo-advisor can execute asset trades on your behalf. The intermediary considers the following services to be its key advantages:

  • No commissions.
  • Cryptocurrency and bank-card payments.
  • 6 types of pricing plans, including an Islamic account with deposits starting from $20,000.

FxRevenues promises to provide bonuses and benefits in regular promotions.

According to clause 14.4 of the Terms of Use, the company can cancel the bonus and block the client’s account if the client is suspected of fraud.

Pivot Calculation, Fibonacci Calculation, and Market Calendar are presented on the website. Educational materials include videos and e-books.

FxRevenues Vital Info

There is no information about the launch date of the project and its founders. Meanwhile, the firm claims to have won three awards, including the title of “Best Broker of 2021.” However, the dates of these awards do not correspond to the domain, which was created only in April 2022. Although its lifespan of two years characterizes the brokerage platform rather positively.

We were confused by the different names of and the brand name of VHNX, the company that runs it, which has its own website, In addition, is a copy of We found the registration record of this organization in the SVGFSA registry, which shows that St.Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority issued VHNX Ltd license No. 2316BC2021. So, It is quite possible that the hero of our review is not related to it.


What are the key facts about FxRevenues?

The platform is managed by a company that has an undefined status. There are no brand registration certificates on the official website. The broker does not disclose information about the license and qualification of its employees.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

You should not entrust your funds to anonymous platform owners, who probably conduct illegal financial activities. Besides the fact that you don't even know if the company is registered and licensed, there are big risks when transferring money using cryptocurrency. Digital currency allows you not to reveal the real name of the recipient of the funds and you won't be able to get chargebacks.

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like FxRevenues?

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