Funds Broker is managed by FNDSBROKER AI INNOVATIVE LTD, which is registered in the UK. It was launched in 2015 and rebranded in July 2023. In accordance with the presentation of services, the firm specializes in Forex trading, as well as stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the brokerage company does not have the mandatory FCA license or the platform owners do not specify it. How reliable is this firm? Is it safe to place investments here? We will review the investment plans and make a conclusion about the real possibility of earning profit in this project.

How to Invest

The minimum amount of investment in the project is 30 dollars. There is no investment limit, however, the client should discuss amounts exceeding 2 million dollars with the company’s financial department in advance. Funds Broker’s investment lineup includes a wide variety of tariff plans.

Only the first two plans can be considered as working offers, as only they provide for daily accrual of profit and return on investments. In other cases, the deposit body and the declared interest are accrued as a lump sum at the end of the tariff.

You can earn additional profit if you take part in the Partner Program. The one-tier system provides remuneration that depends on the deposit amount. Depending on the selected tariff plan, you will receive income in the amount of:

  • 1% – for “First Step” and “Classic” plans.
  • 5% – for “Stability” and “Business” plans.
  • 10% – for “VIP” and “Premium” plans.
  • 15% – for “Capital” and “Partner” plans.

You can deposit and withdraw funds only in cryptocurrency. For this purpose, you should use your wallet with Ethereum, DOGE, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Tether TRC20 USDT. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 (for USDT-TRC20); $25 (for ETH, LTC, DOGE); $50 (for BTC). There is no withdrawal fee. If you do not have experience working with crypto, you can get training on the platform.

Funds Broker Vital Info

Officially, the company “FNDSBROKER AI INNOVATIVE LTD”, which manages the project, has been registered in the UK since April 25, 2023 (reg. number: 14825814). A Facebook account, a Telegram channel and a group chat on it were created in July 2023. The real term of this company does not match the one listed on the website, although its domain was indeed created in 2015. It is possible that Funds Broker is falsifying its history, misleading clients by indicating the start of the project not from the date of the investment company’s foundation, but from the date of the domain’s existence.

The owner of the business does not provide information about the regulation of brokerage activities and the existence of a license. Could it be that this investment company is operating illegally since it shows questionable data about the project’s operation?


What are the key facts about Funds Broker?

The British investment company, which provides services worldwide through profits from Forex trading, is unregulated and unlicensed. The history of the project's creation is interpreted according to the date of the old domain 2015, not the date of registration of the management company 2023.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this company?

The risks of losing money in Funds Broker are high, due to the unclear history of the company and the lack of important legal documents. This is an HYIP in which the organizers promise stable profits to investors through Forex trading, which is unrealistic in reality.

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