Finteria Limited was founded in 2023 in the Republic of the Marshall Islands with registration number 121257. Besides, the office is also located in this offshore jurisdiction. However, the firm does not disclose the owners of the brand. In accordance with the company’s information, the services and products described on its website are not offered to EEA, US, and UK citizens. Is it safe for you to trade here? How reliable is this service? We will review the platform’s functionality, check the documents mentioned on the website, and conclude about the legitimacy of this broker.

How to Trade

Finteria provides a standard web terminal for trading. Clients can work with Forex instruments, cryptocurrency, stocks and earn up to 90% in 30 seconds. Binary options trading is available around the clock. The administration states that the following conditions are met:

  • Minimum transaction size of 1 dollar.
  • Withdrawal of funds within 1 hour.
  • Number of assets more than 100.
  • Assistance of robots in automated trading.

The company reports that over 10,000 transactions are serviced daily on the platform. You can withdraw funds from your account without commission. The interface supports 10 European and Asian languages, meanwhile, all Rules and Regulations are published in English only.

For beginners, the broker offers a social trading service with the possibility to copy trades from more successful traders. Finteria promises its clients guaranteed earnings even without trading experience.

Finteria’s blog has sections with news, analytical, and educational content, but numerous pages on the site are filled with the same type of material. Clients can contact the operator via live chat.

Finteria Vital Info

The company does not hide that it is a new player in the financial markets. The broker indicates in the footer of the website the year of its creation, 2023. We found out by the registration number that Finteria Limited was registered in the Marshall Islands on August 7, 2023. This extract from the public register only indicates that the company has opened a legal entity.

The local regulator does not issue licenses to binary options brokers. Therefore, it does not exercise any control over the actions of brokers. Accordingly, nothing prevents an offshore firm from violating the rights of its clients. It should be noted that traders who decided to work on this platform can only hope for the decency of the anonymous owners of the company. Or maybe the organizers are deliberately hiding information about themselves?


What are the key facts about Finteria?

The brand belongs to unknown owners. The date of establishment of the offshore company is later than the date of domain registration. Accordingly, most likely, the broker provided all services from May to August 2023, without even opening a legal entity. In addition, the project does not have a license or financial regulatory approval.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The project does not have authorization from the Financial Supervision Commission, and the administration hides the very fact that there is no document. Therefore, Finteria clients have very high risks of losing their funds. In addition, threats are growing due to the anonymity ‌of platform owners and the unprofitable technology of conducting binary options. Such instruments are prohibited by reputable regulators. For these reasons, the company's legal operation in the USA and European countries is out of the question.

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