Believe it or not, but the broker FinBitPro is another scam that conducts illegal activities, offering fake services. The company boasts about 21 years of operation, 18 awards, and other merits, but we think this is just an ordinary lie. You can close this review if this information is enough for you. However, if you want to get more information and see what people are writing, then stay with us.

How to Trade

The initial deposit at FinBitPro is very high – starting from $10,000. At the same time, the broker offers several tariff plans, designed in such a way that the better the account type, the higher the requirements for the minimum deposit, but also more additional services:

  • Personal account manager.
  • Education materials.
  • PAMM.
  • Risk-free trades.
  • Hands-on guided trading sessions.
  • Exclusive invitations to VIP events.
  • And others.
The firm also offers quite a high leverage, which clearly violates regulatory requirements. Clients can use leverage up to 1:1500.

The broker offers spreads from 0.1 points, and the commission depends on the traded instrument:

  • Cryptocurrencies are 0.1% of trade volume.
  • Forex and metals – $30 for each 1 million of turnover.
  • Stocks and others – zero fees.

FinBitPro Vital Info

The firm seriously assures us that it has been working for 21 years in the brokerage service industry. However, why did the website only appear in 2023? And at the very end of it? Where is the evidence of such a long and solid period of operation? Registration documents are missing, and reviews on the internet are no older than six months.

FinBitPro boldly claims to have licenses, calling itself a regulated broker, but hiding the names of financial commissions and not providing license numbers and links to official registries.

We took the trouble to check the registries of regulators in Canada and Switzerland, as these jurisdictions are mentioned on the official website. It turned out that the organization was absent there, so the information about regulation was fake.


What are the key facts about FinBitPro?

Fraudsters operate in their usual manner. The claim of over 21 years of experience is false information since the company was actually launched only at the end of 2023, as indicated by the domain, or more precisely, its registration date. Furthermore, ‌office addresses in Canada and Switzerland are also fictitious because brokers cannot operate without a license in these countries, and our check showed that regulation is missing.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

We can talk about the risk of margin trading, but that's not the main thing to know about FinBitPro. The fact is that we are dealing with a fraudulent organization, which moreover operates on a dealing desk business model, meaning it benefits when clients lose money. There is no doubt that withdrawing funds is impossible, so the primary risk is the inability to withdraw the deposit back.

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