The company invites traders to trade cryptocurrency and CFDs “on an innovative platform with artificial intelligence.” It is worth noting that the project was allegedly launched back in 2016 and has attracted either 21M or 30M clients, according to data on different pages of the website. In addition, its trading activities are regulated by FISEU. However, there is no data on the website about the legal entity’s registration and the firm’s location.

How reliable is this service? In our Finance IG review, we will answer the question about the legitimacy of the broker and the quality of user service on this resource.

How to Trade

Online investors can exchange, buy/sell cryptocurrency assets on a “powerful yet convenient platform”. CFD trading includes currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. The Finance IG provides services:

  • Instant payment system.
  • 4 types of trading accounts, differentiated by margins of 25%-75%.
  • Investments in shares without commission.
  • Currency converter with exchange rate of more than 70 currencies to euros.
  • Demo account of Arionfx trading platform for $100,000.

The broker offers clients to set Take Profit and Stop Loss parameters with automatic investment protection.

Finance IG can provide bonuses. In this case, to withdraw any funds from its account, the trader is obliged to fulfill the trading volume of 25*(bonus amount + deposit).

Users get access to the Trading Academy, the latest news and research on the cryptocurrency market. The company promises to provide all clients with a personal manager and multilingual support.

Finance IG Vital Info

The owners of the site do not provide any information about themselves. It is worth noting that the “innovation project” has no means of communication other than a request form indicating the user’s email information.. Even though the intermediary claims to have started working in 2016, the registration documents of the firm are not publicly available. However, we can determine the start date of the project by the domain, which was created no earlier than the end of March 2024.

Where is the headquarters of the firm located? The company’s place of incorporation also remains shrouded in mystery. We tried to find Finance IG in the global registry of legal entities, but we failed due to the lack of a brand registration number. As for the license allegedly issued by a certain regulator, FISEU, which does not have the best reputation, we also did not find either a link or a copy of the document.


What are the key facts about Finance IG?

There is no information about registration number, legal address, and availability of a brokerage license. The organization's founding date in 2016 does not correspond to the domain creation date in March 2024. Apparently, the founders of the project did not even bother to register a legal entity and, accordingly, did not obtain authorization for financial activities in any country.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

When collecting information for the review, we did not find any confirmation of registration and licensing of this brokerage firm. You risk losing all your money invested in a dubious project. Besides, CFDs with huge leverage and cryptocurrency transactions increase the risk of loss by up to 100%.

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