FiatVisions is operated by Green Point Technology Ltd, which is registered with No. HY00623402, offshore Comoros Union. According to the information posted in the footer of the website, Logivice Ltd, located in Bulgaria, is the paying agent of this broker. In addition, the company has License No. T2023296 from the regulator Mwali. It is worth noting that the firm, whose trading platform is “recognized as the best in the world 2023”, does not indicate the start date of the project.

After studying the functionality and documentation of FiatVisions, we will make an objective conclusion about the legitimacy of this broker.

How to Trade

FiatVisions offers clients its own trading platform and more than 1500 investment instruments. You can work in the application for Android and iOS devices.

The following trading services are available to traders:

  • Three account types for beginners with a minimum deposit of $5,000/$25,000/$100,000.
  • Two types of accounts for professionals with a minimum deposit of $250,000/$1,000,000.
  • Deposit and withdrawal via bank cards or cryptocurrency wallets.

The site supports 6 languages, including English and Spanish. The owners of FiatVisions claim that more than 10 thousand investors from all over the world trust the platform, but this information is not confirmed by facts.

IMPORTANT: FiatVisions does not specify liquidity providers. Important details of trading conditions are not publicly listed on the website.

FiatVisions provides clients with analysis tools, training materials, and fresh daily news. The help center is available by phone, email, or chat. You can go from the website to the broker’s Facebook account by clicking on the symbol of this social network.

FiatVisions Vital Info

The brokerage organization tells nothing about its emergence, the history of its development is not on the website. Why do the founders of such an “innovative” platform, which became the best in the market in 2023, hide this information from traders? As for the domain, it was registered in 2021 and updated in March 2023. In addition, the site lacks a certificate of registration of a legal entity and documentary proof of the broker’s license.

The owners of the company claim to be under the supervision of the Mwali International Services Authority, but we did not find Green Point Technology Ltd. in the register of this regulator. According to MISA information, the license number T2023296 listed on belongs to Global Invest Ltd. Besides, this brokerage company is not in the register of legal entities of the Comoros Union. Is it appropriate to talk about the reliability of FiatVisions with such contradictory data? It is unlikely that the broker will earn a good reputation by hiding and distorting information about the project.


What are the key facts about FiatVisions?

The age of the project is not specified by the site owner, the information provided about regulation, license number, and registration number does not correspond to the official data of MISA and Comoros Union authorities. The data about the managers and the broker's team is not publicly available.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

You can invest in the project without any problems, but you are unlikely to get your money back from FiatVisions. The financial activity of the broker is not regulated, and the management company does not have a license and registration of a legal entity. You can appeal with a complaint only to the administration of the resource by email, as stated in the Rules on the site. Finally, you are more likely to lose money if you trade CFDs with high leverage on an unknown platform.

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