The company promises to provide traders with a “solid and efficient foundation for success in the financial markets”. According to its website, the firm is registered with the Union of Comoros and has a license from the Mwali regulator. However, there is no exact date of the project’s founding and its owners are unknown.

How reliable is this platform? Will you be able to make a lot of money here or will you rather lose all your investments? We will try to find out in our FBBC review and invite you to join us if you are interested in this broker.

How to Trade

The brokerage firm offers its clients online trading on the WebTrader terminal. The main features of the platform are:

  • 6 account types, each offering an Islamic account.
  • More than 1,400 products on the markets of currencies, indices, crypto, and others.
  • Access to major exchanges, including NYSE and NASDAQ.

Among the advantages, the broker calls trading in micro lots with a volume of 0.01 and an execution speed of 0.02 seconds. The maximum leverage is listed in different values: 1:1000 and 1:400.

The Terms of Use page, as well as other legal documents, are not viewable by users.

Additional services are presented in the News section, the first publication is dated April 26, 2024. The personal manager service is available to registered clients with an account of $25,000 or more.

FBBC Vital Info

The owners of the resource assure traders that a “team of professionals” will help them get a “transparent and enhanced experience”. Meanwhile, there is no information about the names of managers, their education, and years of experience in the industry. Where are the guarantees of their competence? Besides, it is unknown how long this organization has been operating and who its founders are. As for the domain, it appeared only on April 29, 2024. We wonder how the first news was published on the site before it started working.

We decided to check the company’s registration with the Union of Comoros. However, we found that the brokerage firm with the number HY00423175 in the Mwali registry is called LBLV Ltd, which had received a license but it was suspended due to non-payment of the renewal fee. Judging by the design of the FBBC website, it appears to be a fresh clone of the LBLV platform. This means that the hero of our review has not received a MISA license and is not authorized to provide brokerage services. In addition, registration in Mwali is not a guarantee of safety if the company does not have representative offices and licenses in other jurisdictions in which it provides financial services.


What are the key facts about FBBC?

The brokerage firm does not provide any facts about the history of the project, it does not disclose its start date and the names of the founders. The platform has a fresh domain. The information about registration in Mwali and the availability of the MISA license is not confirmed. We were unable to contact the organization's representatives at the Chilean phone number listed on the Contact Us page, and our request sent by email remained unanswered.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Most likely, this resource works illegally, and broker activity is not regulated at all. Besides, you risk losing all your funds when trading CFDs with a broker that does not show Terms and Conditions and offers a huge amount of leverage, usually limited by reputable regulators to 1:30.

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