The owners of the platform position themselves as a “leading global” brokerage firm, with which “60 thousand traders from 100 countries” cooperate. In addition, they indicate on the website the address of the UK office, the date of the project’s launch in 2007, and declare the availability of licenses and numerous awards. However, the company does not provide documentary proof of this information.

Is this platform safe for your investment? You will find out from our Etprofx review, in which we will consider this broker’s quality of service and legal aspects.

How to Trade

You can trade CFDs on seven asset classes, including spot energy, Forex, and futures. The firm offers clients:

  • 3 traditional types of tariffs.
  • Islamic trading account.
  • 30-day demo account.
  • Low spreads from 0.0 pips.

The company does not disclose important parameters of trading conditions and liquidity providers. The first tariff requires a deposit of $5,000, which is not the norm for Forex.

New Zealand and Australia retail clients are provided with negative balance protection.

The intermediary promises clients market analysis, free VPS, and other analytics tools. Education Academy and eBooks are not available to unregistered customers. Live chat is there to connect with users.

Etprofx Vital Info

The owner of the site details the history of the project, which was allegedly founded in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, and in 2012 a branch in London was opened. Moreover, the name of Rajesh Yohannan, the CEO, is mentioned in the “About Us” section. In addition, the organization boasts of awards, including “Most Trusted Forex Broker UK 2018”. As for the domain, it was only created in March 2024, which indicates the short lifespan of the platform.

We checked for registration of Ethereal Pro FXCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, listed in the firm’s internal documents as the owner of the Ethereal Pro FX brand and registered in Sydney. However, we did not find this brand on the Australian registry, and its license number 318232 is not listed on AFSL. Besides, the organization is not registered in the UK and does not have an FCA license. Could it be that this project is operating under the cover of another firm?


What are the key facts about Etprofx?

The London office is listed on this site as Axicorp Financial Services Pty Ltd. Meanwhile, this company is not related to Ethereal Pro FXCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, which is presented in the internal documents of the hero of our review as the owner of the Ethereal Pro FX brand. Finally, Rajesh Yohannan is the CEO of Australia-based Axicorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, which has the domain and we did not find its affiliation with

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The platform owner is most likely falsifying the history of the project, since the site has a fresh domain. In addition, it does not have a brokerage permit and no liquidity provider will work with a dubious intermediary without a license and registration of a legal entity. Finally, you risk losing 100% of your funds as leverage of 1:400 cannot be with a firm operating in the UK. The maximum leverage allowed in this country is 1:30.

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