The site is operated by MRL INVESTMENTS (MU) LTD, which is headquartered in Mauritius and holds an “FSC” license from the local regulator. In addition, the payment agent is MRL INVESTMENTS (CY) LTD, which is registered in Cyprus. It is worth noting that the firm claims to “use the latest innovations” and guarantees “maximum security” to its clients.

Is it advisable for you to trade here? We will dedicate our review to the Equiity brand, in which we will determine whether it is reliable or not.

How to Trade

The Match-Trader platform is available for clients to make trades. You can trade over 190 assets, which include CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. The range of terminal features and brokerage services includes the following:

  • Demo accounts with up-to-date trading conditions.
  • 3 types of standard accounts, differing in spreads and swaps.
  • Islamic account with swap-free and interest prohibition.

The minimum transaction volume is 0.01 lot, stop-out level is 5%. You can deposit funds using e-wallets and bank cards; there are no commissions for deposit/withdrawal.

The company disclaims responsibility for any losses of the user, including those incurred through the fault of its payment partner, on whose accounts clients’ funds are stored.

The ticker for quotes of the main assets is available on the main page of the site. Despite the multilingual interface, all Terms are published in English only.

Equiity Vital Info

The hero of our review does not tell about the history of the project’s creation and the main stages of its development. Note that only one date is indicated on the official website – July 2023, as the date of approval of the Terms and Conditions. As for the domain, it was created in 2016 and updated in October 2023. The last date may correspond to the launch of the brand.

We checked the Cyprus and Mauritius registers of legal entities to find the companies listed in the footer of the website. As for MRL INVESTMENTS (CY) LTD, it is indeed registered in Cyprus. Besides, MRL INVESTMENTS (MU) LTD with number 187076, is registered in Mauritius at the address given and was granted a license by the FSC in April 2022. However, we still have not seen any connection between these firms and the Equiity brand. In addition, we wonder why the broker does not demonstrate the presence of a license to site users?


What are the key facts about Equiity?

MRL INVESTMENTS (MU) LTD, the purported trademark owner, is registered in Mauritius and holds an FSC license. However, the website owner does not disclose information about the project or its team members. In addition, the broker does not provide documents or links to regulatory resources confirming that the organization is registered and licensed.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

You should be careful with a dubious organization that is listed as a platform owner. In addition to the fact that the license does not protect the finances of clients residing outside this offshore zone, you also have a 100% risk of capital loss when trading CFDs with leverage of 1:200, which strict global regulators cap at 1:30.

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like Equiity?

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