The platform is managed by a Scottish company, which indicates conflicting deadlines in different site sections – from more than 10/15 to 20 years. In addition, there is not a single copy of the license from the “world’s largest supervisory authorities” allegedly regulating the financial activities of this company. Judging by the duration of the work and the number of awards, the project should be known to every trader. However, there is almost no information about it on the web.

How reliable is this site? You will learn about this from our review of Earnstock services and the verification of the broker’s legal documents.

How to Trade

Account types include 3 standard tariffs and 4 premium ones. In addition, the platform offers clients 4 investment plans with a yield of almost 65%. The brokerage firm names the following three reasons why you should trade with it:

  • More than 300 assets in 6 classes.
  • Partnership programs.
  • Bonuses up to 100%.

Leverage up to 1:1000 and spreads from 0.0 points are indicated on the site’s main page. There is no other information about the trading conditions.

Judging by the same phone number for different departments of the company, no departments exist in nature. Our letter was not delivered to the specified email address due to its “incorrectness”. The link to WhatsApp also does not work.

In addition, the company offers educational services. Two symbols of the social networks FB and Instagram provide access to the miserable accounts of the project, which have about 200 subscribers.

Earnstock Vital Info

The company’s founders claim that it has offices in “more than 8 countries” and 575K customers. It is worth noting that the project allegedly started in 2015, but this does not fit in with the almost 20-year period of its work indicated on the website. In addition, on the awards page, the company positions itself as a “COMPANY NAME brand”, that is, the developers have not even corrected the resource template for many years of the company’s work. As for the domain, it was created only in January 2024.

We checked the brand registration but did not find Earnstock Limited with the number 25218 BC 2021 in the register of legal entities. Note that there were two British companies with the same name, but with different registration numbers, and both of which were liquidated. It is not surprising that this brand is not on ‌lists of FCA-licensed firms. Judging by the fact that this British regulator prohibits the use of leverage above 1:30, it is quite logical that this broker does not have a license.

Moreover, the registration number 25218 BC 2021 is actually issued by the regulator of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, SVGFSA also does not contain this organization; number 25218 belongs to a completely third-party company, Orinocco Ltd.


What are the key facts about Earnstock?

The owner of the platform states that the project has been operating since 2015 and is managed by a company registered in Scotland. However, it is not on the list of registered entities, nor on the FCA register, nor among the businesses located at the specified address, Eurocentral Scotland. In addition, awards and the number of clients are not confirmed by documents and reports.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Our review has revealed dangerous signs of an illegitimate intermediary, which most likely falsifies company registration and license data. The site owner can easily steal your money when transferring it to a deposit or withdrawing it in cryptocurrency, since in this case you lose the opportunity to refund funds through the bank.

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