A little-known investment project, Crypto Tesla Coin offers to invest in a cryptocurrency of the same name, which is only available on this platform. The company describes itself as an experienced expert in the field of blockchain and fintech. However, the advantages sound more interesting, for example, official government approval, but which country and where is the evidence? The firm also claims to have a global presence, but the number of reviews looks contradictory. At the same time, there is a complete absence of legal information and licenses. What’s wrong with the company? It’s unlikely that it can be trusted.

How to Invest

Crypto Tesla Coin proposes to become an investor in a few steps:

  1. Regist an account on the website. It is enough to provide a name, phone number, and email, and agree to the terms.
  2. Account activation. After registration, the user must wait for a call from a manager.
  3. Funding the account. The minimum amount is 250 euros.

According to information from the official website, the price of one Crypto Tesla Coin token is 0.0024 euros. According to the forecasts of unknown experts, the price could rise to 15 euros by August 2024. The website also mentions a return of 6,000 euros within a week with a minimum investment.

It is worth noting the lack of details regarding the conditions. It is unknown what the limits, commissions are, and how one can invest. Also, there is no contract for the cryptocurrency, nor is it listed on major decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Crypto Tesla Coin Vital Info

Legal documents and data are not presented, yet the project assures us that it has been operating since 2018, specifically as a distributor of Tesla’s exclusive digital asset. However, the domain of the site was only registered on November 9, 2023, and online reviews are almost impossible to find on the internet. All this points to false information from Crypto Tesla Coin regarding the foundation date.

The company talks about government adoption and the presence of regulation. Then why aren’t the names of the financial commissions that allowed the project’s activity indicated? Which government is being referred to? All this is nothing more than an attempt to create the reputation of a reliable investment firm. It’s one thing to write about such merits, and quite another to provide real evidence. What’s wrong with Crypto Tesla Coin, if even the legal address of the organization is not indicated?


What are the key facts about Crypto Tesla Coin?

The project only appeared in November 2023, as indicated by the very young domain and the absence of online reviews. Although the company claims 2018 as the foundation date, we consider this false information. The project does not name the regulators and the government that supposedly approved its activities. These are just words. No evidence of obtained licenses and approvals is provided. Meanwhile, legal data and documents are absent, making it impossible to verify the reality of existence. It's even unknown who founded the firm and what experts work here.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this company?

An absolutely anonymous organization that offers to invest a minimum of 250 euros in an unknown cryptocurrency called Crypto Tesla Coin. What could possibly go wrong? The only risk for investors is losing their money. The project will be happy to accept your deposit as the purchase of a non-existent token, but returning the money back will be impossible.

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