The Coinmasterspro trademark belongs to Vestpro Group LTD, which is registered in Republic of Seychelles with registry number 219970. In addition, according to the website owner, the company’s office is located in London, and its UK phone number is listed for contact. As for regulation, the broker reports that it has a license from the Republic of Seychelles. In addition, the platform is closed to residents of certain jurisdictions, such as Iran, the United States, and North Korea. How reliable is the service and is it safe to trade on this terminal? We will review trading conditions, check the legal documents, and then give a conclusion on the legitimacy of the broker.

How to Trade

Coinmasterspro offers clients to trade forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and more with advanced technology. The tariff plans include a minimum bet amount starting from $100 with no upper limit restrictions.

You can connect to the artificial intelligence of the terminal with automated trading. It allows you to open multiple trades simultaneously. 

The broker claims that thanks to the automated system, more than 1.7 million traders could earn an average annualized return of about 17% on cryptocurrencies and Forex and about 33% on other instruments. According to Coinmasterspro, its customers have received:

  • 65.37% execution of limit orders at a better price than the requested price.
  • 100% execution of limit orders at the requested rate or better.
  • A 0.57-point increase in limits for improved limit orders.
  • 0.04% increase in revenue between the bid and executed price of limit orders.

Deposits and withdrawals at Coinmasterspro are made by methods: bank transfer, Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, and Western Union. Requests are usually processed within 2-5 business days. After your funds are debited from your account, the transfer process may take more than 5 business days until the funds are credited to your bank card balance. Members of the Referral Program receive $50 for each referral with trading volume up to $500 per year. There is an educational center on the site. Customer support works around the clock.

Coinmasterspro Vital Info

The broker claims that more than 120 thousand active users around the world have been trading on its terminal for many years and more than 1.7 million users have earned more than 17% of their deposit on it. However, it does not disclose the history of the brand and the date of its launch. It is worth noting that products and services under this brand name are provided by several subsidiaries, such as Coinmasterspro Crypto, Inc. and Coinmasterspro Technologies, Inc. Although according to the domain registration date, this project did not begin operations until September 2023.

In terms of regulation, the “About” section of the website publishes that this company is regulated by the DFS (US Department of Financial Services) and it meets the requirements set by the NSYDFS. The footer of the homepage states that Coinmasterspro is a brand of Vestpro Group LTD, which is licensed by the regulator of the Republic of Seychelles. However, the broker does not show any documents to prove these facts. Moreover, the company provides CFD trading services, which are prohibited in the USA.

Let’s also say a little about other inconsistencies in the broker’s information that seem strange to us. The main page of the official website mentions the Libre Holdings platform, which offers “more than a hundred thousand assets in half of the financial markets”. It is unclear what it has to do with Coinmasterspro. Finally, in the published review, the client “recommends the company PM-Group365”, which is also not related to this broker. It is possible that the main page of the site is compiled from other resources, and that it is done carelessly. Don’t you think that a company with such data is quite risky?


What are the key facts about Coinmasterspro?

The founding date of the brokerage company is not listed on its official website and its domain is very fresh. The firm's legal address, regulations, licenses are not confirmed by publishing scans of documents. Judging by the phone number, the tech support is located in the UK.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Cooperation with Coinmasterspro is risky, as there is no documentary proof of its licensing. In addition, the information about many years of work and thousands of clients does not correspond to the truth, judging by the date of domain registration. Finally, the broker offers CFDs with high leverage and guarantees profit to all clients, although in practice more than 75% of them lose their investments.

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