The company invites clients to its platform, promising to help them realize their financial dreams. At the same time, the brokerage organization does not indicate the legal address, does not disclose the date of foundation of the project, and does not indicate the presence of a license.

Can you trust the statements of the site owners about the rapid increase in your profits? Will cooperation with them be profitable and safe? Our review of CFDsea platform will show you how reliable this broker is.

How to Trade

The company promises clients transparent execution of transactions on its proprietary WebTrader platform. Thousands of trading products are available in asset classes such as stocks, currencies, and others.

You can use the following features to earn money:

  • Trading account from the presented 5 options with minimum deposit from $250 to $100,000.
  • Expert Advisors for automated trading, Risk-free trading, Bonuses.
  • Affiliate programs for traders and introducing brokers (IB).

The intermediary guarantees zero slippage but does not provide information about commission, fees, payout rules. The company recommends to deposit and withdraw funds instantly using cryptocurrency.

You cannot use the Arbitrage strategy on this platform, otherwise your account will be blocked.

You will find Exchange Ticker, Crypto Market, and Technical Analysis in the Analytics section of the website. Technical support is available 24/7.

CFDsea Vital Info

Despite the company’s statements about the legality of their work, there is no legal documentation on the website to prove this. The brokerage firm does not make up legends about its many years of work but does not indicate a specific start date for the project. As for the domain, it was created in 2021. However, the first mentions of this intermediary on the network appeared only in February 2024, after the domain was updated. Where has it been all this time?

We decided to search for CFDsea in the registers of legal entities in different countries, but there is no such brand anywhere. Accordingly, it cannot have a license. This is indirectly confirmed by the Customer Complaint Review posted on the website. It says that the broker will “promptly comment on your complaint” and does not specify the regulator controlling the platform’s activity. Of course, we cannot claim that the broker will act dishonestly with clients, but uncontrollability hardly contributes to the reliability of the resource.


What are the key facts about CFDsea?

The firm does not provide a legal address, has no license, and is not regulated in any way. The owners of the site prefer to remain anonymous, they do not show their data and photos and do not specify the qualifications of managers.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Without any doubt, cooperation with this project carries a 100% risk for you. The firm has not confirmed its legality, your account can be blocked at any moment, and you will not be able to count on the protection of the regulator. There is also a risk of losing your investment when trading CFDs with huge leverage and cryptocurrency transactions.

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like CFDsea?

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