Cbtrex positions itself as an innovative platform equipped with artificial intelligence. According to the information on the website, the company is registered with the number 412434 and is regulated by European Financial Security. In addition, an interactive map showing offices around the world is shown. How reliable is this platform? Our review will show you whether you can make money on its terminal and whether you should trust this broker.

How to Trade

Cbtrex encourages clients to make trades on its advanced platform. Web Trader 4, which was developed by the company’s programmers, can be used on Linux, Mac, or Windows-compatible devices.

Cbtrex warns users about the fixed commission of $0.65 that is charged for each contract when trading options. 

You can trade more than 1000 instruments with Cbtrex. The broker will provide you with access to forex and CFDs on cryptocurrencies, metals, and other markets. You will get the following services after registering an account:

  • Choice of tariff from 5 options with minimum deposit size from $250 to $500,000.
  • Fair and clear pricing, spreads from 0.2 pips.
  • Financial market analysis and advanced technical charts.

Cbtrex guarantees the security and confidentiality of user transaction history and personal data by storing information in secure databases. The company promises that you will not be charged for terminal usage, inactivity, or market data. The broker offers personalized education, online trading webinars, and assistance from professional staff.

Cbtrex Vital Info

The official website of the company does not have an “About Us” section, and the “Contact Us” page has very scant information about its location. In fact, the house and office numbers are not in the address reported by the site owner. In addition, the administration hides the history of the project and its start date. It is worth noting that the domain was registered only in January 2024.

We were unable to find a Cbtrex office in the specified London area based on the brand name. A certain European Financial Commission, listed in the footer with the number 412434, has no relation to the official regulator. In addition, the domain of this “commission” website was registered just a few days after the cbtrex.com domain. We have thoroughly checked all the resources that could help to confirm the company’s activity within the legal framework. However, all our efforts were unsuccessful. Finally, we do not understand why the broker does not advertise its activities on social networks, as its competitors actively do.


What are the key facts about Cbtrex?

The broker does not provide any legal information that would somehow allow to determine the legality of the services provided. The certificate of registration of a legal entity, license, and list of regulatory bodies are not available on the website. There is no brokerage organization with such a name and registration number, either in the UK or in the lists of other countries.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The company bribes traders with information about its wide toolkit, which is the most profitable and advanced. However, so many flattering words about itself can be said by a scammer to attract new gullible clients and take their money. In fact, Cbtrex operates without regulatory supervision, and CFDs with huge leverage confirm the risk of clients in losing their funds.

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