The platform is managed by ELITE FINANCE LTD, which holds a financial license from the regulator Mwali, Union of Comoros. It is worth noting that the company claims to be “reliable and a new approach to investing.” However, how honest are the owners of the project in this statement? We have prepared a review of CauvoCapital’s services and its legal authorization documentation to determine the safety of your cooperation with the broker.

How to Trade

The organization gives its clients access to its trading platform, which must be downloaded to the user’s device. The range of assets covers forex, metals, and other markets. Leverage up to 1:400 allows you to increase the size of transactions.

You will find the following offers on the official website of the broker:

  • Choice of tariff plan from 8 options.
  • More than 1000 products for one-click trading.
  • Fair prices and instant order execution.

The size of commissions and spreads is not specified on the site. Bank cards and cryptocurrency are used to fund the account.

ATTENTION: The brokerage firm declares that it is not liable to clients for any of their losses and costs resulting from an error (clause 8.4 of the Terms of Use).

Training and analytics are presented in the form of articles, videos, tech analysis, and online signals. Economic information is updated in the News section and the intermediary’s FB and Instagram accounts.

CauvoCapital Vital Info

The brokerage company does not disclose the names of the project’s founders and its launch date. Judging by the date of domain registration, the platform has been operating since October 2022. In addition, the firm’s social media accounts have been populated with content since the beginning of 2023. Its operational period is likely to be about 1.5 years, meaning it is a relatively young brand.

The intermediary provides brokerage services under the rules of Mwali, Union of Comoros. We checked the M.I.S.A. license number T2023424, and indeed found ELITE FINANCE LTD’s registration in the regulator’s register. The authorization was issued in December 2023 and confirms that this company operates the domain However, this offshore regulator is not strict and it does not protect investors from losing funds due to the fault of the broker.


What are the key facts about CauvoCapital?

The platform provides brokerage services under the management of Elite Finance Ltd, which is registered with the Union of Comoros. The company operates under an accreditation issued by Mwali. No specific details are published on the website about who founded the project, when it started operating, and what success it has achieved.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The offshore license and lack of regulation of the brokerage firm in any other country means that it is not liable to clients for loss of their capital. In addition, there is a huge risk associated with CFD trading with leverage of 1:400. For example, European financial commissions prohibit leverage above 1:30.

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