Meet the cryptocurrency exchange Brailex, which has an average rating of 3.5 points in reviews. Despite the small number of mentions on the internet, the platform boasts on its website of having 154,000 clients, more than 15 million in turnover over the last 7 days, and 1.5 million in trading volume within a day. It is unclear where exactly the company is legally based, but the user agreement mentions the British organization Crypto Arby Limited. So, can one trust an unknown exchange without a license and without a specified operating period?

How to Trade

According to the official website, Brailex offers its clients a variety of additional services besides spot and futures trading of digital currency:

  • Exchange service: P2P, instant swap, and a custodial wallet for storage.
  • Copy-trading and auto-trading.
  • Staking, referral, and bug bounty programs.
  • Launchpads and saving accounts.
  • Auxiliary widgets: technical analysis, market screener, and a heat map of assets.

Brailex allows you to stake crypto assets with a yield of up to 420% annually. It is not entirely clear where such high percentages come from, possibly as part of a marketing campaign. The commission is calculated based on the traded volume: the higher the turnover in the last 30 days, the lower the commission. The default fees are 0.3% for both the maker and taker.

Brailex Vital Info

It is unknown when the platform was launched, as such information is not indicated on the website. The low level of internet reviews hints at a short operating period. Moreover, the domain of the site, although registered in 2019, was up for sale all this time until Brailex purchased it in November 2023. Additionally, the date of the first post on Instagram is also in early November 2023.

Nothing is mentioned about regulation. However, the user agreement mentions the legal entity Crypto Arby Trade Limited, based in the United Kingdom. We referred to the Companies House and FCA registries, and here’s what was found. Brailex refers to an organization that was liquidated at the end of 2022. Interesting, isn’t it? Moreover, such a company is not even present on the FCA registry.


What are the key facts about Brailex?

The cryptocurrency exchange has only recently launched, so its claim of 150,000 traders and multi-million dollar turnover appears to be a blatant fake. The site's domain was only updated in 2023, and the few online reviews only confirm the platform's brief operation period. Additionally, it's doubtful that the company is legally registered, as the only mentioned legal entity was liquidated in December 2022. Lastly, it's worth noting the absence of a license and the platform's total anonymity.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this exchange?

Cryptocurrency platforms inherently carry high risk since the industry is not fully regulated, at least not in all countries. Brailex lacks guarantees and reputation, operating maximally secretly, and anonymously. Therefore, the main risk for traders and investors is a scam. Probably, the cryptoexchange does not return funds to users.

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