BNP Groups LLC, registered number 919912, claims to own the platform and has an office in the UK. However, there is no information about the UK license on the website. As for the project’s history, the site’s owners report it started in 2011. It is worth noting that the company lists its annual awards as the best financial organization from the global forex communities for 2018-2021.

Is it safe for you to trade on this platform? We will conclude about the reliability of this broker in our site review.

How to Trade

BNP Groups offers clients to invest in financial instruments such as forex currency pairs, CFDs on indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The company claims that traders’ funds are kept in segregated accounts, separate from broker funds.

BNP Groups warns you that withdrawals can only be made in BTC or USDT. The broker has the right to freeze the account and cancel the transaction at its own discretion without prior warning to the user.

The company’s website publishes a lot of unnecessary information that doesn’t tell traders anything. Meanwhile, the broker does not disclose the indicators of trading plans and technical parameters that clients need. You will find the following tabs:

  • Trading conditions with concise text about the possibility of opening accounts/wallets in different currencies.
  • Training outlining BNP Group priorities to enable clients to make informed decisions.
  • Program analytics and security guarantees with a declaration of minimal delays and better execution of transactions.

The BNP Group security service will block the client’s account without the possibility of withdrawal and prior notice in case of suspicion of fraudulent trading. If you register an account, you will agree to the provisions that the company charges an upfront commission from 12% to 24.5% on customer accounts.

BNP Groups Vital Info

Project representatives claim many years of experience in international financial markets. However, the date of domain registration in November 2023 tells us that the platform was founded only a couple of months ago. Accordingly, we have great doubts about the history of the company’s development from its start in 2011 to the largest broker in Europe currently.

Regarding the authenticity of this firm’s registration, we checked the register of legal entities in the UK and other suitable countries, but we did not find BNP Groups LLC anywhere. Moreover, the company with registered number 919912 has nothing to do with brokerage activities and it has a different address. We have a natural question for the site owners: why are there no photocopies of the registration certificate, license of the British regulator on the site, and whether this legal entity really exists?


What are the key facts about BNP Groups?

The legal data of the company and the period of its operation presented on the website do not correspond to reality. We have not found any evidence of the legality of this broker's activity in any of the more than 10 countries where this company allegedly operates legally. As for the authorization documentation for financial activities, it is practically absent on the site.  

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

On the official website of the company, some Terms demonstrate a full disclaimer of liability for loss of funds by clients. The broker’s right to block your account at any moment with the refusal to withdraw funds already indicates the unreliability and danger of cooperation with this platform. In addition, dangerous CFD trading and cryptocurrency transactions only aggravate the risks of losses.

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