“Learn, trade, profit” – a three-word slogan of the broker Blue Stars FX, reviews of which are not often found on the internet. The firm is quite secretive and opaque, revealing little information about itself on its website. Its operations are conducted without regulatory oversight, and even the legal address of the organization is unknown. It can be assumed that the company is based in the United Kingdom and Australia, as the phone numbers provided belong to these countries. Additionally, Estonian legislation is mentioned in the user agreement. Overall, what is wrong with the platform, and can it be trusted?

How to Trade

The firm provides users with a trading platform, hundreds of different assets in the form of CFDs, additional features, and educational resources. The minimum deposit starts at $10,000, as this amount is required to open the first type of account.

The broker offers 4 types of accounts. The better the tariff, the larger the balance required, but also more privileges and options are available. For example, a package of educational materials, a personal manager, a financial advisor, a trading expert, and daily signals/analytics. However, Blue Stars FX does not offer a demo account.

Spreads start from 0.7 points, and the maximum leverage is 1:200, which violates the rules and regulations of regulators. The firm promises to execute orders with a speed of 0.05 seconds.

Blue Stars FX Vital Info

The exact launch date of the platform is not specified, and legal documents are also missing. A good method to determine the approximate founding date  is the registration date of the domain, as no online broker can operate without a website. The domain was registered on August 17, 2023, which is considered a short period.

The issue of regulation is not even addressed on the official website. Therefore, it is highly likely that the company lacks licenses. However, for stronger certainty, checks were conducted in the legal and regulatory registries of Australia, the United Kingdom, and Estonia, where the firm is presumably based. Blue Stars FX was not found anywhere, which is a significant red flag, as any brokerage platform is required to obtain a license.


What are the key facts about Blue Stars FX?

Important data regarding the duration of operation and regulation are not disclosed on the website. Looking at the young domain, it is easy to conclude that the operation period is short. Checks of potential jurisdictions for the presence of the company yielded no results, so it is unclear where the organization is actually based, and there is nothing to say about licenses, as they simply do not exist. Additionally, the business model, registration documents, and names of the leaders are not disclosed.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

A leverage of 1:200 represents a huge risk. The statistics are very grim, as more than 75% of traders lose their money in margin CFD trading. However, the main risk lies in the fraudulent nature of the platform, as it operates illegally and has only existed for a few months. It is very likely that withdrawing funds from here will be impossible.

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