Blanc Invest claims to be registered in Switzerland and has been operating in the financial market for more than 5 years. In addition, the company has clients in 16 countries and states that it prioritizes the success and the safety of their workt. Despite this, the brokerage firm does not provide a license on its website. In our review, we will check the service, study the clients’ comments, and conclude the legality of this broker’s activity.

How to Trade

Blanc Invest offers its clients a mobile trading platform, which it presents as convenient and intuitive. The company cites the following own statistics: 12 thousand successful clients out of more than 650 thousand active traders, who work on more than 800 thousand registered accounts, trading on more than 100 markets. However, the broker does not show any facts to prove these unsubstantiated claims.

Blanc Invest also cites the following key reasons that make the broker “the perfect partner to meet the trading and investment needs” of its users:

  • Security – the platform is operated by a fully regulated online broker and funds are held in segregated accounts for a higher level of protection for clients’ investments.
  • Collaboration – enabling individuals and businesses to trade financial markets more successfully by accessing instruments such as Stocks, Cryptography, Forex, Indexes, Consumer goods, NFTs.
  • Educational service – equipping clients with knowledge and skills through a “rich set of educational resources”.
  • Analytics – helping users get the information they need to successfully navigate the financial markets.

Blanc Invest has developed 5 trading plans structured by minimum deposit amount. Accordingly, the plans differ in the size of Leverage – from 1:25 to 1:200 and Bonus on deposit offer from 30% to 75%. Managers do not disclose the size of spreads, fees, and commissions. The absence of demo account, non-transparency and secrecy of trading conditions do not match with such a huge amount of minimum deposit of $1,500. In addition, the broker warns clients about the need to fulfill the conditions for bonus payments but also does not disclose the details. You can use a credit/debit card or bank transfer to operate the account.

Blanc Invest Vital Info

The broker, inviting clients to “embark on a journey to prosperous financial growth” together with its professional team, actually says nothing about the history of the project, its owners, and the date of foundation. Even though the company has supposedly existed for 5 years, its domain was created only in March 2024, which is alarming. After all, any financial firm values its official online resource, and the decision to change it has no logical explanation.

The information on the site is not confirmed by financial statements, there are no certificates of registration of the company, and there are no copies of licenses. In addition, the mediator claims to have 14 awards but does not show any. We doubted all the facts declared by the broker and decided to check the existence of Blanc Invest in official state sources. It turned out that such a brand is absent in the register of Swiss legal entities and the office of this firm is not in Geneva. Thus, we can hardly conclude that the broker’s activities are legal.


What are the key facts about Blanc Invest?

The date of foundation, license, and other aspects of the project are not disclosed on the official website. This company is not in the Swiss legal entity registry, and its office is not located at the given address. The domain is registered in March 2024, which does not correspond to the owners' statement about the 5-year term of the project's existence.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

This project can potentially bring you losses rather than profits. The company does not have any licenses and the website lists a non-existent legal address. In addition to these red flags, there are significant risks associated with CFD trading and leverage, which is limited in Europe to 1:30 and banned in North America.

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