This review is dedicated to the first cryptocurrency exchange from Belgium – Bit4you. The company states its founding date as 2018, with its CEO Benoît Seys. Here, users can buy and sell digital currency, but the platform’s security is questionable due to the lack of licenses. Moreover, there are suspicions about the suspension of the crypto exchange’s operations in the spring of 2023. Nonetheless, is the firm worthy of attention and trust, or is it better not to risk it?

How to Trade

For trading, hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs are available, from the most capitalized to less popular tokens. Bit4you does not have a minimum deposit threshold, and replenishment is available only in cryptocurrency, while withdrawals can be made in fiat USD/EUR.

Beginners can try a free demo account with a virtual $100,000. Additionally, the project offers extra income through an affiliate program, under which partners receive up to $50 for each referral.

The platform supports major types of orders: market and pending, including stop-losses and take-profits. Users can invest cryptocurrency in staking and receive up to 15% annually. The size of commissions remains unknown, and margin trading is not available.

Bit4you Vital Info

The domain of the site was registered in 2017, and the platform’s launch date is August 29, 2018. By looking at snapshots of the site on webarchive, it can be seen that such a cryptocurrency exchange indeed existed in 2018. Although initially the project was decentralized, it later transitioned to a centralized platform.

The company assures us that it operates according to the laws of Belgium and Europe. In Belgium, the FSMA regulator is responsible for controlling crypto exchanges. Until May 2, 2023, Bit4you had a license from FSMA, but then chose not to renew it. At the same time, the status of the legal entity is indicated as “inactive”. A rather strange point, as currently, the platform is unregulated.


What are the key facts about Bit4you?

The cryptocurrency exchange was launched in 2018, but in 2023, there were suspicious moments, such as the company not renewing its license with the Belgian regulator FSMA. The firm operated according to Belgian and European law, but how this happens now is unknown. Many sections on the website show a 404 error. The CEO is Benoît Seys, and the office is located in Brussels. Additionally, the platform did not provide proof of reserves, and on popular crypto monitoring sites like Coinmarketcap, the company’s page is created automatically and does not track current trading volumes.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this exchange?

At present, the biggest risk for client deposits is a scam. Bit4you lacks regulation, so withdrawals may not be available. Moreover, investing in cryptocurrency is very risky as investments can depreciate almost to zero.

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