The little-known but self-proclaimed Number 1 cryptocurrency exchange, Bestbity, promises to provide secure access not only to digital currency trading but also to a variety of additional opportunities. It is noteworthy that the company shares its founding date as far back as 2011, a time when such platforms were practically nonexistent, and users found each other for cryptocurrency exchanges on specialized forums. Online reviews are quite scarce for a firm that has been operating for more than 10 years. Let’s analyze what this organization is all about and whether it can be trusted.

How to Trade

To start trading on Bestbity, it is enough to register an account and fund your deposit. Traders have access not only to spot trading but also to derivatives and options; however, this depends on the level of verification. There are three such levels in total:

  1. First level. Assigned automatically. The client can deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency and trade spot.
  2. Second. It is necessary to provide an identity document and a selfie. Copy-trading services are available.
  3. Third. Bestbity requires proof of residence and a total balance of at least $10,000. Users with the third level of verification gain access to P2P, futures, and fiat deposits.

Additionally, Bestbity offers staking, autotrading with bots, savings accounts, NFT marketplace, token listing, and varied tools, for example, market cap, screener, cross rates, and technical analysis.

Bestbity Vital Info

The cryptocurrency exchange boasts that it is number 1 among centralized platforms and has been operating since 2011. Such facts immediately raise suspicions because Bestbity is not present on popular crypto monitoring sites such as Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. Moreover, the domain of the site was registered only in October 2023. How could the platform operate for 12 years without a website? Seems very strange, doesn’t it?

In the user agreement, you can find the legal entity Crypto Arby Trade Limited, which is registered in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. And it is not a fabrication; such an organization really exists in the UK. More precisely, the company existed from July 4, 2021, to December 27, 2022, and then it was liquidated. Where is the year 2011 here? And why does Bestbity refer to a liquidated firm?


What are the key facts about Bestbity?

Firstly, the platform is unlikely to have been operating since 2011, as the domain was created only in October 2023. Secondly, the legal entity Crypto Arby Trade Limited, which was registered in 2021, was liquidated in 2022. Thirdly, the cryptocurrency exchange does not have any licenses to operate. Fourthly, online reviews are scarce, indicating low popularity among crypto enthusiasts. Additionally, the platform's absence from the most well-known crypto monitoring sites Coinmarketcap and Coingecko can be noted.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this exchange?

Here, there is a very high risk of losing money. It is very easy to deposit funds, but withdrawing them will probably be impossible. Bestbity appeared quite recently, so it cannot possess a reputation as a reliable and safe platform. Moreover, the lack of regulation and popularity makes the exchange even riskier. In the cryptocurrency industry, there are many scams, so it is not recommended to work with little-known and unverified companies and projects.

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