BeGlobalFund claims to have an office in Basel, Switzerland. However, the website does not specify the management company or its country of registration. Instead, there is a phone number from another jurisdiction to contact clients. In addition, the services are not available for citizens of the European Economic Area, the USA, the UK, and some other regions. How safe is it to trade on this platform if it is unknown who owns this brand? Is this service reliable? We will review the terminal functions and check if this broker is legitimate. Then we will give a conclusion on the results of our research.

How to Trade

BeGlobalFund offers traders an MT5 platform. You can trade on ‌financial markets with more than 300 instruments. The broker claims that thanks to this technology, more than 100 thousand clients are already using this service. The main features of MetaTrader 5 that are available on this site are:

  • Technical analysis, including 24 analytical objects, and 30 built-in indicators of currency and stock quotes.
  • Flexible leverage without price deviations, requotes, and slippages.
  • One-click trading, trade orders are sent directly from the price feed or price chart window.

You can open an account in fiat currencies or crypto (BTC, ETH, or LTC). Withdrawal of funds from the client’s account is made within 6 days from the date of application.

If you click on the links to the legal documents in the registration form while opening your account, you will be taken to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, not this broker’s.

You can trade at BeGlobalFund through the mobile app on iOS and Android devices or on the Web platform on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The broker promises to provide users with trading courses and detailed news on global markets.

BeGlobalFund Vital Info

The company does not disclose information about the date of its creation, the history of the brand, or the owners of the platform. As for the domain, it was registered only in August 2023. The website lists the address of this firm in Switzerland, but the broker does not provide a registration number or legal proof of its existence. We tried to find BeGlobalFund in the register of legal entities in Switzerland, but there is no such company there.

It seemed strange to us that a brokerage platform, that has an office in Switzerland, does not show scans and certificates of its registration and license for financial activity on its website. However, it has turned out that BeGlobalFund does not exist at the specified address. In addition, the phone number code for contact is also not Swiss. Does this firm even exist? How long has it been operating? It is possible that the organizers of the platform are deliberately hiding their faces and locations from us in order to falsify the history of their illegitimate service.


What are the key facts about BeGlobalFund?

The trademark belongs to an unknown company. The project's foundation date and license are not indicated on the website, and the legal entity registration and office address are not confirmed by official authorities in Switzerland. In the account registration form, the broker provides links to Google's Terms of Use, which is simply ridiculous and unprofessional. Judging by the phone number for contacting clients, the technical support is not in Switzerland.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The risks of loss of funds by clients of this broker are very high due to its unclear legal status and dangerous CFD trading with high leverage. This company has non-transparent trading conditions and aggressive advertising. We have found several fresh articles in the network, in which unknown "financial experts" tell about numerous advantages of the project, but, at the same time, do not give a single fact about its history.

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