The intermediary claims that it helps traders make “safe and timely investment and trading decisions”. However, the company does not provide any information about itself on its official website — it is unknown where it is registered, whether it has a license, and who manages it.

Are you ready to “experience unmatched quality” in this “secured trading center”? How reliable is this platform? Our Avax Markets review will show its pros and cons, and after reading this article you will realize whether you should trust this broker.

How to Trade

You can trade cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other assets on the company’s proprietary “innovation platform”. The firm offers the following services to its clients:

  • Mobile Webtrader.
  • Demo account.
  • Client-oriented service.

It is unknown what trading conditions lie behind the intermediary’s offers. Its website has no tariffs, specific minimum deposit amounts, commissions, fees, or other terminal parameters.

Terms and conditions have a short text, the essence of which is that‌ the client is obliged to provide any information about themselves. Meanwhile, the broker does not guarantee the safety of this personal data of the user and refuses any responsibility for the loss of the client’s funds on this platform.

Forex Screener by TradingView is available on the website. In addition, the client can utilize free educational resources and 24/7 tech support.

Avax Markets Vital Info

The brokerage firm provides very scant information about its activities. It is unclear how long the platform has been running. We found only one date on the website — the year 2024 is indicated in the footer. Meanwhile, the domain was registered in December 2023. Most likely, the resource’s lifetime is no more than half a year.

The company does not indicate on its official website that it withdraws traders’ transactions to interbank liquidity. Accordingly, there is no copy of the license from the regulatory body and the certificate of registration. In addition, we did not find Avax Markets in the global register of legal entities. We have a reasonable question: does such a brokerage organization exist or is the site run by private individuals?


What are the key facts about Avax Markets?

The platform owner does not disclose information about the organization's registration number, its history, managers, or legal address. Regulatory permissions for brokerage activities are not presented on the website. The firm is not listed in the registers of any jurisdiction.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Judging by our review, we cannot say that this anonymous broker is trustworthy for traders. Besides the fact that there is no information on the website about the license and headquarters, you will lose 100% of your funds in CFD trading. This is a very risky instrument, especially when cooperating on unknown terms.

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