The broker Artis Finance, which does not have many reviews on the internet, offers access to CFDs. Its slogan is: “Trade better and faster”. The company cannot boast transparency and openness, as the phone number and office address are somehow hidden. Moreover, nothing is said about licenses and the business model of the platform on the official website. However, the firm boasts a lot about mega-reliability, super-specialists, and the most advantageous conditions. It looks absurd, but how safe and reliable is it here? Can such an organization be trusted with money?

How to Trade

Artis Finance describes the process of starting a cooperation as follows: first, register an account, and then fund the deposit. Before funding the deposit, it is necessary to choose the type of account. There are several:

  1. Newbie. The minimum deposit is $250.
  2. Standard. No less than $2,500.
  3. Golden. From $7,000 and more.
  4. VIP. From $30,000.

The better the type of account, the more favorable the conditions. By default, Artis Finance provides basic training, 3 trading signals, and 24/5 support. The higher the tariff, the more signals and additional services.

Artis Finance offers trading on the MetaTrader 5 platform. The terminal is available in web-based, desktop, and mobile (Android/iOS) versions.

Clients can use leverage from 1:50 to 1:200. Such a size of leverage hints at the absence of a license from regulators who prohibit this.

Artis Finance Vital Info

The founding date of the company remains a mystery to us. Such important information is not found on the official website. Considering the small number of reviews on the internet, it is logical to assume a short period of operation. Meanwhile, the domain of the site was registered on November 29, 2023. So, Artis Finance is quite a young broker, which means it has increased risks.

NewsThe previous domain has been replaced by the owners at The latter was registered on March 14, 2024.

We have already mentioned that the company is quite secretive and non-transparent. Artis Finance hides its legal address. Even the jurisdiction is not indicated, where one could check for a license. Therefore, a brief conclusion can be made – the activity is illegal.


What are the key facts about Artis Finance?

The broker has several important red flags. Firstly, the founding date is not indicated, but the domain was created quite recently, which speaks of a short period of operation. Secondly, the phone and legal address are not disclosed, making it impossible to even check the organization. Thirdly, licenses are also ignored, so the company operates illegally. Essentially, nothing concrete is known about the platform.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Firstly, one should not forget about the risk associated with margin CFD trading. Although the company is quite secretive, it still warns that more than 67% of clients lose money in trading. However, the main risk of Artis Finance is falling for fraud. The organization cannot provide any specific guarantees of reliability and safety. It has no license, and the period of operation is very short. There are almost no reviews about it on the internet, so the platform is unknown.

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