The site owners promise potential clients attractive conditions for earning money by trading assets. Proving its reliability, this company claims to have its office in London. However, the firm does not show a copy of the certificate of its registration and does not inform about the presence of a license for financial activities.

Is it safe for you to trade here? Our review of the project based on the available information about Apsocial Finance in open sources should clarify the situation with the legitimacy of the broker.

How to Trade

Online trading is carried out on the MT4 platform in markets around the world. Clients have access to 6 asset classes, including forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The brokerage firm guarantees:

  • Fast executions on high-speed servers.
  • Transparent services without hidden commissions.
  • High level of protection with encryption.

You can choose an account from 6 tariffs, which differ in the set of services and the size of minimum deposits.

The company disclaims liability for client losses due to errors in the program and inaccurate information. Apsocial Finance may deduct any fees, including taxes, from the user’s account.

Registered traders can use training programs, market analysis, and trading signals. The support service is available 24/7.

Apsocial Finance Vital Info

The founding date of the project is not specified, and the team is not represented. However, we can determine the approximate period of the site’s operation. The domain was created in 2022, but it was renewed at the end of March 2024. The domain name was likely purchased by the site owners a few weeks ago. It is possible that the founders of the platform may have launched in 2024.

What surprises us is that the allegedly UK-based broker’s leverage is many times greater than what the Financial Conduct Authority allows. We decided to check Apsocial Finance in the UK register and did not find it. Checking the address provided has confirmed our fears that the firm does not have an office in London. In addition, the intermediary operates without permission from the FCA, since no one will issue a license to an unregistered organization.


What are the key facts about Apsocial Finance?

The anonymous owners of the platform do not provide any facts about the history of the project. The brand is not registered in any jurisdiction. Meanwhile, the intermediary does not disclose any fees, spreads, and other trading parameters. It is worth noting that payment methods are also not specified on the company's website.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

We assess your risk of losing your investment as very high. This organization carries out financial activities without a license, which is an alarming signal for clients. In addition, you are putting your wallet at risk with leverage that is almost 7 times the amount allowed by the UK financial regulator.

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