The company AI Lance has developed software based on artificial intelligence that automatically trades on financial markets, adhering to risk management rules and strategies. It is a Singaporean organization that offers private investors the opportunity to invest in its operations. The platform was launched in 2023, yet no license has been obtained, reviews are sparse, and the founders remain undisclosed. Everything seems quite suspicious to blindly trust the project and invest money. Can you trust this firm with your money?

How to Invest

AI Lance offers a single investment package instead of a range of tariff plans. The minimum deposit size is $50, and monetary transfers are accepted only in cryptocurrencies. They support 16 different digital currencies. The profitability ranges from 0.8% to 1.4% with daily accruals, and the deposit term is unlimited. If you withdraw the principal amount, a 10% commission fee will be charged. Withdrawal requests are processed within 20 minutes. Additionally, investors can enable the reinvestment function for their accrued percentages.

Furthermore, AI Lance offers bonuses and a multi-level affiliate program:

  1. First level – 7% reward from the referral’s deposit.
  2. The second – 2%.
  3. Third – 1%.

AI Lance Vital Info

According to the official website, the platform was launched in the first quarter of 2023. However, the domain was only registered in May, which is in the second quarter. Does it mean users are being misled? According to the road map, AI Lance was supposed to launch its AIC token in the second quarter, list it on DEX, and in the third quarter release an Android/iOS app and upgrade the platform. However, they haven’t accomplished any of these tasks.

AI Lance is a Singaporean organization. Using the provided registration number 201734684C, we found a firm named AI Crypto Quant Strategies Pte. LTD in the Singapore registry, which was founded in 2017. Oddly, the legal entity was created in 2017, but the platform only appeared in 2023. What’s worth noting is the absence of a license from MAS, as the company accepts money from investors and should therefore be licensed.


What are the key facts about AI Lance?

It is a Singaporean organization operating without a license. The legal entity was registered in 2017, but the website and platform only emerged in 2023. The project also developed its AIC token, but trading has not commenced. Judging by the road map on the official website, the company has hardly achieved any of its set goals. There's no evidence of a profitable algorithm trading in the crypto market.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this company?

The project exhibits numerous characteristics of a financial pyramid, also known as HYIPs. Upon opening the website, they immediately offer a 748% APY, which is a huge percentage typical of HYIPs. Moreover, AI Lance hasn't obtained a license, and the founders remain anonymous. The primary risk for investors is the inability to withdraw funds, which can be halted at any moment. If you're prepared for such an outcome, then you can take the risk. If not, it's better not to invest because, sooner or later, the firm will close, and investors will lose their money. That's how any financial pyramid operates.

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