The Canadian broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services, offering traders access to over 200 CFDs, claims to have existed for several decades, as the company’s history, dating back to the 1970s of the last century, is narrated on its official website. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. Additionally, there is a lack of regulation despite the presence of a headquarters in Canada, which is also likely fictional. Should one believe every word from such an organization, or is it better to avoid it and find a more verified brokerage intermediary?

How to Trade

Traders have access to a variety of asset classes: forex, crypto, stock market, and commodities. According to the official website, Aegis Corporate Financial Services offers 7 types of accounts:

  1. Bronze. The minimum deposit is $2,500. A 10% bonus is issued, access to commodities and stocks, and 1 insured trade.
  2. Silver. From $5,000. Additionally, there is a possibility of obtaining a loan from the firm.
  3. Gold. No less than $10,000. It does not differ except for access to indices.
  4. Platinum. From $25,000. Aegis Corporate Financial Services offers arbitrage and swap discount.
  5. Premium. From $50,000. Clients can get a credit card, and more favorable spreads.
  6. Diamond. No less than $100,000. Passive income is added.
  7. VIP. From $250,000. Individual session with a manager.

Aegis Corporate Financial Services Vital Info

“Established in the late 70s” – a quote from the broker’s official website. It certainly looks unrealistic, especially considering the two points. The first is the few reviews on the internet, and the second is the young domain, registered only on October 12, 2023. How could Aegis Corporate Financial Services have operated for over 40 years? This is likely false information.

The company’s office is based in Canada, but nothing is known about its license. Has the broker really operated for so long without regulation? More and more suspicions arise. A check of the Canadian regulators’ registries showed no organization named Aegis Corporate Financial Services. Why are there no licenses?


What are the key facts about Aegis Corporate Financial Services?

Despite stories of existence since the 1970s of the last century, the company has a very young domain, created only in October 2023. Moreover, the number of reviews on the internet is too small to speak of such a solid experience. The headquarters is based in Canada, but this is again stated on the website, and the actual situation is unknown. Regulation is absent, as licenses are not only unmentioned on the site but also not found in the registries of Canadian regulators. The business model is not disclosed, nor are the names of the founders.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Margin trading is a risky activity where one can easily lose their entire deposit. The firm even warns about this. However, we believe that the main risk lies not in this, but in something else. Aegis Corporate Financial Services operates illegally, and therefore it is dangerous to cooperate with them, as at any moment the withdrawal of funds can be closed. It will not be possible to recover the funds.

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